Awards and Trophies

At EmbroidMe, we recognize the importance of recognition. Whether you're looking to acknowledge the performance of your employees, the achievement of an athlete, the retirement of a political figure or the bravery of a first responder, EmbroidMe can provide you with everything you need to acknowledge excellence at every level. We offer a selection of engraved trophies, plaques and a variety of awards to meet every need and every budget. We have the ability to laser-engrave fine gifts of wood, crystal and acryllic right in our resource center.


When it comes to awards and trophies, EmbroidMe does business with only the most reliable product manufacturers in the business. Only vendors who have a track record of success and whose products are highly rated will be given an opportunity to work with EmbroidMe. In this way, you' re always guaranteed a quality product and an experience that doesn't disappoint.

Remember that what you give away is a reflection of you and your organization, so allow EmbroidMe to help you make the right choice. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for the coach of your company softball team—or something memorable for the Chairman of the Board—EmbroidMe can help you make a statement that will make both you and your recipients proud.

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